Best Sewing Machine Buying Guide – Consumer Reports

Looking to purchase a sewing machine but don’t know where to start? As a sewing teacher this is one question I get asked a lot! There is no one size fits all, or one machine for every persons needs. Here are a few things to consider: Knowing your budget – today you can spend less […]

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Get Crafty with these fun projects

 Image by:  Igor Ovsyannykov Get Crafty with Sewing & Try These Fun Projects! Whether you want to fashion a fresh new garment to express your personal style or you are looking to update something you already own, sewing presents endless opportunities to let your creativity flow. With any amount of sewing know-how, you can create […]

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How to measure yourself

Learning to sew clothing requires body measurements. Some of them are a little difficult to do on your own…or are they? Check out this video which shows you that it is entirely possible to get all the right measurements without a sewing buddy. No more excuses ladies! Get the right measurements so that you can […]

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